Aragonite from Morocco is famous for its spectacular crystalline structures and its variety of colors, from white and brown to pink and yellow. This form of aragonite is valued for both its unique aesthetic appearance and its powerful energetic properties.

Aragonite crystals from Morocco are often in the shape of stalactites or spherical, providing a special and unique aesthetic. Its complex crystalline structure makes it an eye-catcher in any collection of minerals.

Brown aragonite is often found in the form of Mine flowers and clusters, which highlights its natural beauty and the complexity of its crystalline structures.

Brown Semi-Precious Stones

Brown semi-precious stones are prized for their natural beauty and energetic properties. Here is a list of some of the most well-known brown gemstones:

  1. Tiger's Eye: Known for its gold and brown bands, this stone is used for protection and for boosting confidence and courage.
  2. Jasper Brown: This variety of jasper is used for grounding and stability, helping to balance energy and reduce stress.
  3. Aventurine Brown: Prized for its ability to calm and bring inner peace, brown aventurine is also used to attract prosperity.
  4. Smoky Quartz: Although it can range from transparent to dark brown, smoky quartz is used for protection, detoxification, and grounding.
  5. Pietersit: This stone, with intricate patterns of brown, gold, and blue, is used for mental clarity and spiritual growth.
  6. Brown aragonite: Known for its grounding properties and emotional stability, brown aragonite helps balance energies.
  7. Andalusian: This stone varied in shades of brown and green is known for its protection and the clarity it brings to decisions.
  8. Browned: A variety of brown quartz, used for protection and grounding.
  9. Staurolite: Also known as the "fairy cross", this brown stone is used for protection and emotional stability.
  10. Brown charcoal: Used in meditation for grounding and energetic cleansing.
  11. Axinit: This brown stone, sometimes with shades of purple or yellow, is used for healing and for balancing the chakras.
  12. Hessonite (Brown Garnet): Known for its creativity- and confidence-boosting properties, hessonite is also used for energy protection.
  13. Ocher: This brown stone is used for stability and protection, helping to eliminate negative energies.
  14. Bronzite: It is used to bring peace and harmony, providing protection against negative energies and boosting self-confidence.
  15. Topaz: Golden brown in color, this stone is prized for its properties of attracting success and prosperity.