Chakra 6

The sixth chakra, also known as the "Third Eye" or "Ajna" is located in the forehead area, between the eyebrows, and is associated with intuition, clairvoyance, imagination, discernment and higher knowledge.

Areas covered: Intuition | Truth | Clairvoyance | The ability to see beyond the apparent

Affirmations that help balance the chakra:

I have access to my higher intuition and inner wisdom.
I trust my intuitive abilities and follow them in my decisions.
I connect with the wisdom of the universe and let myself be guided by it.
I expand my perception, I can see new perspectives.
I cultivate my ability to see beyond appearances.
I listen to my intuition and follow my heart.
I understand how we are all interconnected.
I allow myself to perceive the deep truth.
I have the ability to explore within myself until my vision becomes clear.
I can visualize success, I have confidence.
Everything always falls into place for me, everything makes sense.

Below are the crystals that are known to support this chakra: