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Blue aragonite is a crystal that offers a combination of beauty and energy benefits. It is ideal for those looking for calmness, clarity and better communication, being useful both in spiritual practices and in everyday life.

Whether used in meditation, worn as jewelry, or used in décor, blue aragonite contributes to overall well-being and inner harmony, bringing calming and balanced energy into the wearer's life.

Blue Semi-Precious Stones They are appreciated for their special beauty and energetic properties.

Here is a list of some of the most well-known and used blue gemstones:

  1. Lapis Lazuli: Known for its intense blue hues and pyrite inclusions, lapis lazuli is used to stimulate intuition and spiritual communication.
  2. Blue Amethyst: A rare variety of amethyst that combines the calming properties of amethyst with the soothing vibrations of the color blue.
  3. Blue Aventurine: This stone is used to bring calm and mental clarity, promoting emotional balance.
  4. Turquoise: Turquoise is renowned for its ability to provide protection and amplify communication and understanding.
  5. Azurite: A deeply blue stone, used for spiritual development and mental clarity.
  6. Blue Quartz: Helps improve communication and balance the throat chakra.
  7. Sodalit: Known for its properties to stimulate logic, reasoning and intuition, sodalite is useful in meditation and personal development.
  8. Aquamarine: This stone is associated with water and the ocean, promoting tranquility, courage, and clear communication.
  9. Dumortierit: It is used to bring calm, patience, and mental clarity, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.
  10. Kianit: It helps align the chakras and facilitate clear and effective communication.
  11. Larimar: Also known as the "Dolphin Stone", it is associated with the healing energies of water and is used to bring peace and clarity.
  12. Labradorite blue: Although labradorite comes in a variety of colors, the blue variety is prized for its iridescent effects and for stimulating intuition and protection.
  13. Moonstone Blue: Promotes intuition and inner wisdom, making it ideal for meditation and spiritual development.
  14. Chalcedony Blue: Used to improve communication and bring a state of calm and inner peace.
  15. Fluorite blue: It helps to clarify thoughts and improve mental concentration and focus.
  16. Howlit blue: This painted stone is used to bring calm and reduce stress and anxiety.
  17. Pietersit: A stone with blue hues, known for its ability to bring clarity and stimulate intuition.
  18. Sapphire: One of the most precious blue stones, it is known for its clarity and for its protective and wisdom properties.
  19. Hawk's Eye (Ochi de Șoim): A variety of quartz, this stone is used for protection and to stimulate mental clarity.