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Aragonite is a carbonate mineral that is formed by deposits in caves and seashells. It is known for its unique crystalline structure and its wide range of colors. Aragonite is valued for both its aesthetic beauty and its beneficial energy properties.


Aragonite Properties: Communication | Calm | Love Relationships | Inner Peace | Emotional healing 

Properties and benefits of aragonite:

  1. Energy balancing: Aragonite helps balance energies and stabilize the body's energy field.
  2. Grounding: It is known for its ability to ground energies, helping to connect with the earth and stabilize emotionally.
  3. Physical healing: It is used to support the process of regeneration and healing of bones and joints.
  4. Calm and relaxation: Helps reduce stress and anxiety, promoting a state of calm and relaxation.

Pink Aragonite

Pink aragonite is a rare and beautiful variety of aragonite, prized for its delicate color and healing properties.

  1. Love and Compassion: Promotes feelings of love and compassion, helping to open and balance the heart chakra.
  2. Emotional Healing: It is effective in emotional healing, helping to release stress and emotional trauma.
  3. Inner Peace: It helps to induce a state of peace and inner tranquility, being ideal for meditation and relaxation.

Brown aragonite

Brown aragonite is a common variety, known for its earthy color and grounding properties.

  1. Stability and grounding: It provides stability and helps ground energies, being useful in times of change and uncertainty.
  2. Mental clarity: It helps to clarify thoughts and improve concentration and mental focus.
  3. Physical healing: Supports physical healing, especially of bones and joints, being beneficial for skeletal health.

Aragonite Morocco

Aragonite from Morocco is famous for its spectacular crystalline structures and varied colors, from white to brown and pink.

  1. Unique properties: Aragonite crystals from Morocco are often in the shape of stalactites or spherical, providing a special and unique aesthetic.
  2. The energy of the earth: These crystals help to connect deeply with the energy of the earth, promoting grounding and stability.
  3. Miscellaneous uses: Moroccan aragonite is used in meditation, energy healing and as a decorative object, bringing balance and harmony to personal space.


Blue Aragonite

    1. Calming and Relaxing: Blue aragonite is excellent for inducing a state of calm and relaxation. It helps reduce stress and anxiety, providing a sense of inner peace.

    2. Communication and Clarity: It is associated with the throat chakra, facilitating clear and honest communication. It helps to express inner truth and improve communication skills.


Aragonite, in all its varieties, offers a wide range of benefits for energy balancing, grounding, and emotional healing. Whether it is pink, brown or comes from Morocco, this crystal brings stability and inner peace, being a valuable tool for meditation and healing. Used in jewellery or that decorative object, aragonite contributes to the user's overall well-being and energy harmony.