Chakra 3

The third chakra, also known as the solar chakra, is associated with personal power, will, self-control, self-confidence and determination. This chakra is located in the navel area and is considered the center of personal energy and power.

Areas covered: Personal Power | Achieving goals/desires | Leadership | Personal esteem

Affirmations that help balance the chakra:

I have focus, strength, courage, discipline, I am committed to following my goals.
I honor my own personal power.
I am in harmony with those around me, I have the drive to achieve what I want, I am organized and I have the ability to focus on my goals.
I understand the difference between personal power and control, I allow myself to let things flow.
I cultivate my own system of beliefs and values, I put aside the judgment of those around me.

Below are the crystals that are known to support this chakra: