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Geodes are fascinating mineral formations that, on the outside, may seem like simple stones, but inside they hide a natural spectacle of glowing crystals. These geological wonders are prized not only for their inner beauty, but also for the complex natural processes that create them.

Geodes are formed in cavities from volcanic or sedimentary rocks. Over time, mineral-rich water penetrates these cavities and deposits layers of Crystals on the inner walls. These mineral They can include quartz, amethyst, calcite, and more, each contributing to the palette of colors and shapes a geode can have.

Inner beauty

What makes geodes truly special is the contrast between their modest exterior and spectacular interior. When opened, geodes reveal a cavity full of glowing crystals, arranged in complex shapes and textures. Each geode is unique, offering a distinct combination of minerals and crystalline shapes.

Types of Geodes

  • Amethyst Geodes

    These geodes are known for their intense violet crystals, which add a royal and mystical touch.
  • Quartz Geodes

    Transparent or white quartz is common in geodes, providing clear and pure beauty.
  • Agate Geodes

    Agate can appear in various colors and shapes, adding diversity and complexity.
  • Geodes of Celestite 

  • With pale blue crystals, these geodes are rare and highly prized for their delicate hues.