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Spheres, crystal and mineral globes: beauty and harmony

The spheres in Crystals and mineral , also known as globes, are perfect shapes that capture the essence and natural beauty of the stones from which they are created. These spheres are appreciated not only for their aesthetics, but also for the energy and symbolism they represent.

Composition and formation of crystal globes

The spheres are made by grinding and polishing the raw pieces of crystals and minerals until a perfectly round shape is obtained. The manufacturing process involves craftsmanship and precision to preserve the integrity of the mineral and bring out its best characteristics. The minerals used to create spheres include:

  • Quartz: Clear, pink, smoky, and amethyst quartz are among the most popular choices for spheres due to their clarity and durability.
  • Jade: Known for their hardness and luster, jade spheres are prized for their varied colors, from deep green to white and lavender.
  • Lapis Lazuli: This deep blue mineral, sprinkled with golden pyrite, creates stunning spheres that bring a sense of royalty and mystery.
  • Obsidian: Glossy black obsidian, as well as its rainbow and lightning variants, form spheres that reflect an enigmatic beauty.
  • Selenite: Selenite spheres have a silky sheen and are known for their purifying and clarity properties.

Beauty and symbolism of spheres

  1. Perfection of form: The spherical shape symbolizes infinity, unity, and completeness. Crystal and mineral spheres are considered symbols of perfection and balance.

  2. Visual aesthetics: The smooth and glossy surfaces of the spheres reflect light in a way that highlights the natural colors and textures of the minerals. This visual effect adds depth and interest to each piece.

  3. Energy and Healing: The spheres are believed to emanate energy evenly in all directions, making them ideal for use in healing and meditation practices. They are often used to attract and distribute positive energies in a space.

Uses of crystal and mineral spheres

  1. Setting: Spheres are often used as decorative items in homes and offices. They bring an element of natural elegance and can be placed on special stands to be admired.

  2. Spiritual Practices: In meditation and other spiritual practices, spheres are used to focus energy and amplify intentions. For example, quartz crystal spheres are frequently used for mental clarity and energy amplification.

  3. Collectors: Mineral and crystal enthusiasts collect spheres because of their beauty and the diversity of minerals from which they are made. Each sphere is unique, reflecting the specific characteristics of the mineral.

  4. Gifts: Crystal and mineral spheres are perfect gifts for those who appreciate natural beauty and deep symbolism. They can symbolize wishes for balance, harmony and positive energies.


Crystal and mineral spheres or globes are more than just decorative objects; They are symbols of perfection, balance and harmony. Each sphere is a natural work of art, reflecting the beauty and complexity of the minerals from which it is made. Used in décor, spiritual practices, or collections, spheres bring a sense of tranquility and inspiration, capturing the essence and energy of the Earth.