Brandberg Lead Quartz Tip Model Br8


Descriere - Brandberg Lead Quartz Tip Model Br8

Brandberg Lead Quartz Tip Model Br8, Size:  4.8*3*2cm  

Brandberg quartz is a unique and valuable type of quartz that originated in the Brandberg region of Namibia. It is known for its exceptional clarity, interesting patterns of inclusions, and sometimes for the presence of mixtures of amethyst and smoky quartz.

Brandberg quartz can range in color from colorless to shades of purple (mixed with amethyst) and brown (mixed with smoky quartz). It is often very clear and may contain inclusions of water, gases, or other minerals, which add value and visual interest to it.

It is formed in geological conditions specific to the Brandberg region of Namibia, an area known for the richness and diversity of its minerals. Crystals are often found in their natural form, with well-formed faces and characteristic hexagonal structures.