Amethyst chevron rough stone/ tip m5



Descriere - Amethyst chevron rough stone/ tip m5

Amethyst chevron rough stone/ tip m5, size 8 * 3 cm

Chevron amethyst is named after its characteristic V-shaped pattern of stripes that appears on its surface. Chevron amethyst is a variety of amethyst, which is part of the quartz family.

Chevron amethyst is known for its associations with the crown and third eye chakras, increasing intuition and the ability to make decisions.

Chevron Amethyst can be used in meditation, as jewelry or to add a natural and elegant look to your home or office.

Properties: Wisdom | Inspiration | Intuition | Alignment | Clarity | Astral travel | Meditation

 Chakras : chakra 6 (truth, perspectives), chakra 7 (connection)

Other features:

Hardness: 7/10 on the Mohs scale

Chemical component: SiO 2

Countries where it is found: Brazil, Madagascar, India, USA, Russia, Namibia, Zambia