Carneol inima m6ini



Descriere - Carneol inima m6ini

Carnelian heart m6, size: 7 cm

Carnelian is a precious stone with a long history. Carnelian was considered a sacred stone, being used since ancient times to make jewelry and amulets.

This stone was used to attract luck and to build a shield against negativity.

Carnelian stimulates creativity, sexual energy, reawakens the deepest desires hidden in us.

It helps to promote a positive attitude towards life and has a strong protective role.

Properties: Vitality | Creativity | Protection | Prosperity | Strength | Courage | Action | Passion | Sexuality

Chakras : chakra 1 (roots, safety), chakra 2 (creativity), chakra 3 (solar plexus, power)

Other features:

Hardness: 7/10 on the Mohs scale

Chemical component: SiO 2

Countries where it is found: India, Brazil, Madagascar, Russia, Germany, Uruguay, USA.