Pendant necklace made of copper/artistic wire m3


Descriere - Pendant necklace made of copper/artistic wire m3

Pendant necklace made of artistic copper wire m3, braided brown cord, handmade.

Pendant size: Length: 4 cm, width: 2 cm.

Adjustable cord size: 45 + 5 cm

Ajoit is a rare stone that is composed of sodium silicate and copper with an intense green color.

The name ajoit is derived from the place Ajo, Arizona, where this stone was first discovered by Harry Berman in 1941.

It is said that ajoit helps to calm the emotions and the mind, it heals the deepest wounds.

Ajoit is used in meditation by practitioners to increase the depth of the connection, the connection becoming much more fluid.

Properties: Healing | Transformation | Login | Rediscovery | The power of feminine energy

Chakras : chakra 7 (heart, love), chakra 6 (perspectives, truth), chakra 4 (heart, love)