Auralite pendant model 1



Descriere - Auralite pendant model 1

Auralite pendant - the stone of regeneration and rejuvenation

Pendant size without mount: Length 1.5 cm, width 1 cm.

Pendant materials: auralite, stainless steel.

Auralite is a unique crystal composed of several minerals and crystals, including mixtures of amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, blue chalcedony, schist, clear quartz, rock crystal, and stibnite. This varied combination of crystals and minerals gives auralite powerful healing and energetic properties.

From a chakra perspective, auralite is associated with all seven main chakras of the human body. This stone is said to support the balancing and alignment of the chakras, helping to unblock energy and promote harmonious flow throughout the energy body.