Malachite slice with chrysocolla m6



Descriere - Malachite slice with chrysocolla m6

Malachite slice with chrysocolla m6, size: 8 * 6 * 0.5 cm

Malachite is a semi-precious stone especially associated with the heart chakra, allowing energies to flow freely through this chakra. Malachite can help heal emotional trauma and achieve emotional balance.

Malachite is also used to increase self-confidence and the will to act, helping you to act decisively, in accordance with the desires of the heart.

Malachite chrysocolla inserts add to the unique characteristics of this stone. Chrysocolla is a stone that supports the uniqueness of each of us and helps us express ourselves as beautiful as we are.

Properties: Self-love | Expression | Confidence | Inner power | Decision

 Chakras : chakra 5 (communication, expression), chakra 4 (heart, love), chakra 3 (personal power, will)