Silky malachite raw stone m10


Descriere - Silky malachite raw stone m10

Malachite silky rough stone m10, size: 6.5 * 4.5 * 3.5 cm

"Silky malachite" is a form of the semi-precious stone malachite that exhibits a silky texture and appearance.

Malachite is a semi-precious stone especially associated with the heart chakra, allowing energies to flow freely through this chakra. Malachite can help heal emotional trauma and achieve emotional balance.

Malachite is also used to increase confidence and the will to act, helping you to act decisively, in accordance with your heart's desires.

This is a powerful stimulator of the mental field, stimulating creativity and mental clarity.

Malachite can be used in meditation, as jewelry or to add a natural and elegant look to the home.

Properties: Self-love | Healing | Confidence | Inner power | Decision

Chakras : chakra 4 (heart, love), chakra 3 (personal power, will)

Other features:

Hardness: between 3.5-4/10 on the Mohs scale

Chemical component: Cu 2-x Al x (H 2-x Si 2 O 5 )(OH) 4 •nH 2 O

Countries where found: Russia, Congo, Australia, United States of America, Mexico, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Israel, France, Germany, Brazil, other places.