Concave Bagua Feng Shui mirror 20 cm


Descriere - Concave Bagua Feng Shui mirror 20 cm

Feng shui concave Bagua mirror 20 cm

A Bagua mirror is a mirror specially designed and arranged according to Feng Shui principles to attract positive energy and balance the energy in a particular space. Bagua is a diagram used in Feng Shui to represent the different areas of a house or room and to harmonize the energy in each area.

A Bagua mirror is divided into eight sectors, each representing one of the eight cardinal directions and the eight aspects of life, such as love, career, family and prosperity. Each sector is often inscribed with Chinese characters or Feng Shui symbols to amplify positive energy.

The Bagua mirror is placed in a strategic location according to the Bagua charts of the house or room. It is usually placed on a door or wall in a specific sector to correct or amplify the energy in that area. The Bagua mirror is used to repel negative energies or to reflect back harmful energies.

A concave mirror can attract and amplify positive energy, while a convex mirror can disperse or repel negative energies.

(A concave mirror has a surface that curves inward, a convex mirror has a surface that curves outward,)

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