Tiger eye pendant with quartz ball


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Tiger eye pendant with quartz ball

The pendulum is used to get answers to questions, to identify energies and blockages in the energy body, and to perform various harmonizing and healing actions.

Using a pendulum involves establishing a subtle connection between the pendulum and the person using it, thereby allowing the pendulum to communicate through its movement. The movement of the pendulum can be interpreted in various ways, from simple oscillatory movement to directional or rotary movements, depending on the questions or purposes of the person using it.

The pendulum has been used for thousands of years. Even in the Bible, it is mentioned how Moses used his staff (search stick) to find water. Some people use the pendulum exclusively privately, but also large companies such as Bristol-Meyers and Hoffmann Laroche have used pendulums and search sticks to find raw materials.

Some famous people who used pendulums are: Leonardo da Vinci, Robert Boyle, Charles Richet, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Lloyd George, General Rommel and General Patton. Even the British and American military used dowsers and pendulums to find, for example, mines, underground tunnels or water in the desert