Septaria freeform structure m4, dragon stone


Descriere - Septaria freeform structure m4, dragon stone

Septaria structure free form, 9 * 8 * 4 cm

Septaria is made of calcite, limonite, gypsum and barite, minerals that form a unique play in this stone and give it a special appearance.

Septaria is considered a beneficial stone for the sacral chakra, the chakra that governs creative energy, sexuality, self-confidence, manifestation. Septaria helps to balance the energies in this chakra.

Septaria is considered a stone that brings us closer to the Earth's energy, which gives us the vigor and strength we need. It is used in meditations to remind us who we are, what our powers are and to free us from emotional traumas.

Properties: New Beginnings | Opportunities | Prosperity | Release from the past | Roots | Creativity

Chakras : root chakra (physicality, safety, roots), sacral chakra (creativity, sexuality)

Other features:

Hardness: 3-4 /10 on the Mohs scale

Chemical component: n{CaCO 3 } p{CaMg(CO 3 ) 2 }

Countries where it is found: Madagascar, USA, Great Britain, Morocco, Brazil and other countries.