Trembling obelisk tower model 5


Descriere - Trembling obelisk tower model 5

Trembling obelisk tower model 5, size 7.5 * 3.1 * 3 cm

The tremor emits an energy similar to that given by the serpentine, helps the entire column of chakras to align and stimulates the vital force.

It is believed that it can help in spiritual development and can further stimulate the connection with the Source. Tremolite is also said to help release fears and emotional blockages, as well as increase confidence and self-discipline.

Properties: Healing | Peace | Compassion | Login | Purification | Vital force

Chakras : all, especially: heart chakra, crown chakra

Other properties:

Hardness: 5.8 /on the Mohs scale

Countries of origin: Canada, the United States, Brazil, Madagascar, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Russia and China and in other countries.