Basalt sphere 4 cm lava stone



Descriere - Basalt sphere 4 cm lava stone

Basalt sphere 4 cm, size: 4 cm

Basalt is often associated with the root chakra and the sacral chakra because of its volcanic nature and its strong, stable energy and connection to the earth.

Using basalt in stone therapy can help balance these chakras and improve our inner stability and security.

Basalt is a stone that helps develop inner strength and balance mind, body and spirit. It is also said to have protective properties and help absorb discordant energies.

Properties: Strength | Earth| Balance mind, body, spirit | Stability

Chakras : root (safety, security), sacral chakra (creativity)

Other properties:

Hardness: 6-7/on the Mohs scale

Countries of origin: Iceland, India, Russia, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, USA, South Africa and many others.