Blood stone jasper cabochon/seftonite m3



Descriere - Blood stone jasper cabochon/seftonite m3

Cabochon jasper blood stone/seftonite m3, size 4.5 cm

Bloodstone jasper, also known as blood jasper, is a variety of jasper that has a dark red color similar to the color of blood.

Bloodstone jasper can help improve vitality and general health, stimulate blood circulation, strengthen the immune system and provide general well-being and energy.

Bloodstone jasper is considered to have courage and self-confidence boosting properties. It is said to provide strong and courageous energy, helping you express your ideas and opinions with confidence.

Properties: Vitality | Circulation | Courage | Power | Trust

Chakras : root chakra (security, trust), sacral chakra (creativity, sexuality), solar plexus chakra (inner strength).