Colorless quartz dodecahedron/rainbow rock crystal 4 cm m3



Descriere - Colorless quartz dodecahedron/rainbow rock crystal 4 cm m3

Dodecahedron colorless quartz/rainbow rock crystal 4 cm m3, size 4 * 4 * 4 cm

The dodecahedron is a polyhedron with 12 planar faces, each of which is a regular pentagon. In various cultures and belief systems, the dodecahedron has been associated with various symbolic meanings. Here are some interpretations:

In ancient Greece, the dodecahedron was linked to the cosmos and the universe. Plato, the Greek philosopher, associated it with the shape of the universe, believing that the dodecahedron represented the model by which the heavens were built.

Some modern interpretations see the dodecahedron as a symbol of spiritual growth and metaphysical understanding. The 12 faces are sometimes associated with the 12 aspects of human consciousness or the 12 spiritual principles.

Some people see the dodecahedron as a symbol of balance and harmony because of its regular and balanced structure. It can represent balance and a sense of completeness.

The complexity of the dodecahedron and the transformation between its faces can be seen as a metaphor for personal growth and transformation. It suggests that life is a continuous process of change and development.

Rock quartz is often associated with chakra 7, the chakra that governs our connection with the Universe, with the spiritual world.

Colorless quartz is especially appreciated for the purifying property it brings to meditations or the spaces where it is placed.

Properties: Centering | Balance | Clarity | Purity | Transformation | Expansion | Login | Intentions