Blue calcite free form structure m3



Descriere - Blue calcite free form structure m3

Freeform structure blue calcite m3, size 3.2 cm

Blue caclite, also known as alabaster, is a semi-precious stone with strong metaphysical properties.

It is known for the calming and relaxing effect it brings and for the help given in eliminating stress and anxiety.

It acts on the 6th chakra (third eye) and on the throat chakra, improving communication, being useful in situations where a lot of calm and tact is needed.

Blue calcite is recognized for its calming effect on the entire energy field, which also has a strong protective role.

This semi-precious stone helps us to calm down in stressful situations and to be able to analyze our emotions with detachment.

Properties: Calm | Relaxation | Communication | Expression | Inner peace Transformation | Detachment

Chakras : neck (communication), chakra 6 (truth, perspectives, intuition)

Other properties:

Hardness: 3/10 on the Mohs scale

Chemical component: CaCO 3

Countries of origin: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Iceland, India, Brazil and Mexico, among others.