Luna calcite caribbean blue m3



Descriere - Luna calcite caribbean blue m3

Luna calcite caribbean blue m3, size 9 cm

Caribbean Blue Calcite is a rare semi-precious stone known for its intense blue color and pattern of stripes and rings. This stone is also known as Pakistani blue calcite. Caribbean blue calcite is considered a stone of inner peace and mental clarity. This stone is believed to help improve communication and personal expression, encouraging clarity and compassion in dealing with others. Caribbean Blue Calcite is also said to be a protective stone against discordant energies.

Properties: Expression | Inner peace Mental clarity Relations | Compassion

Chakras : throat chakra (communication), chakra 6 (clarity)

Other properties:

Hardness: 4.8 / 10 on the Mohs scale

Chemical component: CaCO 3

Country of origin: Pakistan