Moonstone salmon peach sphere m4


Descriere - Moonstone salmon peach sphere m4

Moonstone salmon peach sphere m4, size: 4.5 cm

Moonstone is a feldspar of aluminum and potassium silicate. The color is usually a golden brown to a very light peach/pink. This material is also known as Orange Microcline Feldspar.

The moonstone borrows its name from moonlight and is often associated with lunar cycles. The energy of the moonstone is believed to have a special connection with the phases of the moon, such as the Full Moon, New Moon, and others. Many believe that this can be a particularly powerful stone during the Full Moon phase, which is often related to culmination and release.

The moonstone can serve as a symbol of natural cycles and changes in life. In the same way that the Moon goes through different phases, our life goes through different stages and transformations. The Moonstone can be used as a reminder that changes are natural and that each stage of the cycle has its value and teachings.

Country of origin: Madagascar