Moonstone with garnish XL freeform structure

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Descriere - Moonstone with garnish XL freeform structure

Moonstone with garnish structure free form XL, size: 12.5 * 9 * 4.5 cm

Garnierite is a nickel rock and ore known for its distinctive green color. It forms mainly in ultramafic rock environments that have undergone serpentinization, where nickel-rich minerals combine with the chemical processes of serpentinization to form nickel and magnesium compounds.

Garnierite is usually found in association with other minerals, as in this case with moonstone.

Garnierite is less known in the metaphysical and crystal world compared to other semi-precious stones. Like many green stones, garnet is associated with energetic cleansing properties, potentially helping to release negative or stagnant energies.

Moonstone is considered a crystal with strong metaphysical properties.

This stone strengthens the connection, helps to develop intuitive skills and a deeper understanding of the self.