Green opal structure free form m5



Descriere - Green opal structure free form m5

Green opal structure free form m5, size: 8 cm

The word "opal" comes from the Latin word "opalus" and the Sanskrit word "upala", both meaning "precious stone".

Opal is considered a gemstone associated with creativity, intuition and spiritual protection. It is believed that opal can support the opening and activation of the crown chakra, stimulating connection with higher planes of consciousness and promoting mental clarity and creative inspiration.

Opal is considered to be a stone that amplifies positive energies such as love, joy and wisdom. Integrating opal into the decor of a space can help amplify these positive energies and create an atmosphere full of love, happiness and wisdom.

Properties: Intuition | Login | Clarity | Amplification | Happiness | Purity

Chakras : heart chakra, crown chakra