Smithshonit generator tip m6



Descriere - Smithshonit generator tip m6

Smithshonite aragonite generator m6, size: 10.5 * 7.5 cm

Smithsonite can help release blocked or repressed emotions. This crystal can help reduce stress and anxiety by supporting the expression of emotions. It is also believed to improve self-confidence and the ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

Smithsonite can be used in home decoration, it can be placed in sitting areas or in the bedroom to help promote restful sleep and peace of mind. It can also be placed in areas where important discussions take place or difficult decisions are made to help maintain calm and mental clarity

Properties: Release | Expression | Confidence in oneself Calm | Communication | Relations

Chakras : all, especially the heart chakra and the communication chakra

Other properties:

Hardness: 4-4.5 /10 on the Mohs scale

Chemical component: Zn(CO 3 )

Countries where it is found: United States of America, Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Morocco, Tunisia, Namibia and Australia.