Built in serpentine rough stone m2



Descriere - Built in serpentine rough stone m2

Stihtite raw stone m2, size 9 * 8 cm

Stichtite is a rare mineral best known for its pink-purple color and is named after Robert Carl Sticht, a Tasmanian geologist.

Stichtite is commonly recognized for its pastel shades of lavender, pink and purple. It often occurs as thin veins or coatings in serpentinite rocks, creating a pleasing visual contrast.

It is usually found alongside serpentinite minerals.

Stichtite is associated with heart-healing properties, improving mood and increasing energy levels.

Stichtite is also often used as an anchor stone, helping to maintain a strong connection to the earth and increase mental clarity and focus.

Properties: Healing | Peace Compassion | Login | Clarity | Anchoring

Chakras : all, especially: chakra 4 (heart), chakra 6 (truth, perspectives), crown chakra (chakra 7)

 Other properties:

Hardness: 5.8 /on the Mohs scale

Countries of origin: Australia, South Africa and the United States of America