Sun stone - mini rolled stone



Descriere - Sun stone - mini rolled stone

Mini rolled sunstone, sizes between 2-3 cm. The price differs depending on the size of the stone, please select the desired size.

Sunstone is a gemstone, also called heliotrope or solar aventurine.

It is known for improving mood, increasing self-confidence and the ability to succeed. This increases vitality and helps the development of new ideas. It is considered a stone of luck and prosperity.

  • Improves mood and gives positive energy
  • It helps to increase self-confidence and develop confidence in one's own ability to succeed
  • It boosts creativity and helps develop new ideas
  • Increases vitality and encourages a healthy lifestyle
  • It is considered a lucky stone, bringing prosperity and success.

Chakras : sacral (creativity), chakra 3 (inner strength, determination)